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Aretha Marvin Snape
mystik00769 wrote in elongated_coins
Let's see who's really interested...

1) How many ECs do you have?

2) How do you get your ECs? Do you personally get them, buy them off the internet, or a combination of both?

3) Do you have a coin of choice (quarters, pennies? tokens?)

For me,

1) I have a collection somewhere in a box that I haven't seen since I moved out of my parents house. But, I do have 109 in books, 16 (I think) from my last trip to M&M World in Vegas (need to get an M&M book), and another 100+ Disney pennies that are in a container needing to be cleaned.

2) I only personally get them. I don't buy them off websites.

3) I collect pennies, and occasionally tokens from places.

Anyone else??

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I have all of mine in a little scarab tin from the British museum. I have no idea how many I have. Probably well over 100. I used to be a member of the Elongated Collectors, which sent me at least one or two coins every quarter but I haven't renewed my membership in a couple of years. Except for the TEC coins, I've squished all my pennies myself.

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