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Aretha Marvin Snape
mystik00769 wrote in elongated_coins
Does anybody display their coins? I've been trying to thing of a way to display mine on a wall, but I'm lost for ideas. I need something that I can easily add pennies to, since I collect them wherever I go.

Has anybody made, or seen at a store, some type of way to do this? I was thinking of maybe altering a cork board or white board by gluing rows of plastic sleeves so that they would be front-loaded, as opposed to a picture frame type that would need to be taken down from a wall to made additions.

Any creative thinkers want to throw some ideas in?

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I actually have a couple pressed coin books....
I'm not sure where to get them though..
They are like these
I've just bought them in stores that I found them haha.
Thats as far as I go to display.

Yeah, I have a bunch of those. That's part of my problem. I'm kind of tired of having numerous little books. lol

Do you actually display them, like up on a wall or on a shelf? I just keep mine in a drawer because I don't want to clutter my surfaces with a bunch of little books.

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